SBC8 – Commenting

Commenting is kind of fun. I liked it because you can meet people and share your ideas with them, expose your point of view, tell them why you like their post or why you don’t their post.

What’s annoying about commenting is that when you commented previously and someone answers, sometimes you don’t want to respond because you are lazy but you have to. This is my point of view, maybe there are some people like me.

Yet I did not find very interesting posts to comment on but I commented on a good post about vacations and summer. I very liked it because it was involving everyone during summer, like everyone is doing this during summer.

Yet I did not receive any quality comments. Maybe it’s that my posts are not that interesting or that you can not really put a comment on. But I’m still waiting for some interesting comments!

My Dream Job

In my technology class we could do a presentation on anything we wanted and I decided to do one on my dream job which is sports marketing. The reason why I chose this, is because first of all I really like clothes and second of all I love sport and I told myself, when you grow up, why don’t create your own sports clothes company.

I had a lot of questions to make my presentation look good and to give details and a good understanding of my topic to my classmates.Below are my research questions:

  1. What is a sport marketing manager
  2. What are the skills needed to be a         sport marketing manager?
  3.  What is the salary of a sport marketing manager?

I wanted to build my own company so I searched how to create a company. Below are the questions about creating a company:

  1. How to build a company?
  2. What makes a good company?
  3. What are the skills needed to be a good CEO of a company?


And the last questions I searched is about stress.

Below is the question I searched:

  1. How can we avoid stress at school?

During the process of searching answers for my presentation, I learned a lot. It is actually more complicated to be a sport marketing manager than I thought. You have to be responsible or your company won’t work, you need to have big ambitions or your company will be at a low standard and won’t be as successful as you wanted it to be.

What I learned helped me grow as a person because I am practicing my public speaking and how to be less shy in front of an audience. It also helps me to practice how to present, how to make good slides shows and how to explain ideas to people. My presentation helped the community in some way because I introduced this job to my classmates and my teacher and made them know more about this job. The next Genius Hour will help me a lot because it will teach me more about my passion and it will also improve my public speaking.

Image 1 from University of Valley Forge

Image 2 from Manager Skills

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SBC 5 – About School

School is great place to make friends but mostly to work. Sometimes I really like school but sometimes I hate waking up at 6:50 to go work, I find it so hard and I know I am not the only one thinking that.

Tell me in the comments what do you think about waking so early to go work!!

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SBC 4 – Three Of My Weird Passions

The following paragraphs that you guys are going to read are my strange passions. Some of you will think that my passions are normal and some will think that they are really weird. Don’t hesitate to tell me in the comments what are your “weird passions” if you have some.


Sleeping: Some of you will say that sleeping is not a passion but for me it is. A lot of people like to sleep, they only do that, they sleep most of the day. I do it sometimes. When i don’t want to play games I sleep, when I don’t want to watch TV I sleep, when I don’t want to play table tennis I sleep and when I am bored I sleep. So as you can notice, I sleep most of the day. I advice you to sleep a lot, you will get more energy, even if you waist your day you’ll feel better after.

Looking at the landscape: I don’t know if I am the only doing that but it is so much fun. But it depends on the day, sometimes the sky is kind of grey and it is just depressing. But I love seeing the sunset when the Sun can almost touch the horizon and the sky is bit blue and orange. Or when the sky is really clear and when the wind hits you in the face. Looking at the landscape is really relaxing and it makes you happy and makes you love the beauty of life.

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