What made fail my project…

The past few weeks I have been searching for information for the new presentation that I’m going to do about Formula 1, in my technology class. But I didn’t know it was going to be that hard to find information about Formula 1. It was so hard that I wanted to give up. But my teacher told us to go on https://twitter.com/ to find more information because there are many experts who can help you.


To gather information, I had to follow people. And not any kind of people. People that could help me know more about Formula 1. So I decided to ask Formula 1 drivers themselves. So I followed: @PierreGASLY  the GP-2 2016 Champion, @callum_ilott  the 2014 European Karting Champion, @LewisHamilton ‏ the quadruple Formula 1 world champion and many more. The reason why I chose to follow Formula 1 drivers is because no one knows their job better than them, so instead of only reading articles, I asked them. I chose them also because they relate to my topic, they are a part of my topic and only them can give me real answers to my questions.  The questions I asked depends on the drivers personality and function, for example  @LewisHamilton I would ask him more complex question than @PierreGASLY because Lewis Hamilton has more experience so he knows more things than Pierre Gasly. The information I want help me in my project because the answers would be more precise.

In this screenshot you can see what questions I asked to some of the drivers:

But there was a problem, no one answered me…

I wrote to every single driver I followed, and I didn’t follow drivers that had too many followers to increase my chance of being answered but no one answered. Only one driver responded to me saying that he would glad if we could share information about F1 but after that he never answered. That one driver keeps liking and retweeting my posts but never answers. None of the drivers talked to me apart from this, none of them followed me back and none of them offered assistance.

I think this taught me to not go for celebrities and go more towards experts. I think this process might help me choose the right people for this kind of job.

Tell me in the comments what do you think about this!


Image 1 from Wikipedia

Image 2 from my Twitter Account:  https://twitter.com/21kebirm

Image 3 from Image Island